AgriCloud monitors agricultural crops, vineyards, orchards, and
livestock farms using IoT technology.


The platform provides crop data in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Monitoring crop development

Efficiently planned treatments and irrigation

Early disease and pest alerts

How does the AgriCloud Platform help you?

Efficient Management Based on Decision Reports

Increased Efficiency Through Process Monitoring

Network of Best Practices from Over 250 Farms


Track what’s happening in the fields using high-resolution satellite imagery.

  • Detect issues early to protect your crops
  • Precision harvest estimates
  • Segmented harvesting
  • Harvest/analytical testing
  • Detection of high-risk areas
  • Efficient use of fertilizers and treatments
  • Irrigation planning

Financial forecast

Get a list of over 400 crop ideas and match them with the soil and weather conditions of your plot.

  • Production potential is calculated for each month of the year;
  • You can easily see the ideal planting season for each crop;
  • Production potential is provided separately for rain-fed and irrigated cultivation. It’s easier to see the benefits of irrigation;
  • Potential income is calculated based on expected yield and prices for each crop.


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