Precision Agriculture
Increased Profitability

Who we are

We are a company specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) technology and we operate in the following industries:

Agriculture, Viticulture, Pomology, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Energy.

We are a team of enthusiastic young individuals driven by curiosity! The AgriCloud team comprises young professionals educated in agricultural engineering, horticultural engineering, specialists from the oil and gas industry, and experts from the energy sector.

What we do

For the industries in which we have expertise, our objective is to deliver high-quality data, data that supports informed managerial decisions, decisions that help optimize costs through the utilization of existing resources.

Agriculture, Viticulture, Pomology

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of crops, from soil, on-ground, aerial, and satellite imagery, all within a single platform, generating early alerts for weather, disease, and pests.

Climate change and the rising costs of agricultural inputs pose significant financial challenges to farmers and require a new management model based on data analytics gathered from the farm.

AgriCloud supports the most important profession on this planet, that of the farmer, through fixed costs for contractual periods.

Forest Management

The challenge is to have accurate and real data for efficient management, especially considering climate change, illegal logging, and a lack of human resources.

The forestry industry is undergoing significant transformation as companies increasingly seek new ways to monitor and maintain land.

AgriCloud conducts data collection using our equipped drones, enabling us to gather data to assist forest management in ensuring the preservation and continuity of forests.

Oil and Gas

The traditional methods of inspecting oil and gas assets are dangerous and time-consuming.

Teams of engineers and EHS professionals drive from asset to asset or walk along pipelines, taking notes on a clipboard or a mobile device. While helicopters move inspection to the air, they introduce additional safety risks and lack the agility to navigate complex assets and hazardous terrain.

Using drones, you can obtain better data, faster. Maintenance managers reduce errors, omissions, and the time required to receive and analyze asset performance data.


Inspections of power lines play a vital role in maintaining reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity to local communities.

With an increasing demand for electricity and the complexity of electric distribution systems, ensuring the safety and efficiency of power lines is essential.

In recent years, the use of drones has revolutionized the field of power line inspections, providing a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection methods.

How we do it

  • AgriCloud, through its existing equipment infrastructure and allocated human resources for each project, presents clients with a personalized and focused technical solution tailored to their needs and requests.
  • Monitoring using IoT and AI technologies enables us to deliver data collected from sensors and drones in a decision-making report.
  • Strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Orange allow us to efficiently operate AgriCloud and automatically generate efficiency through processes and workflows based on new technologies for our partners!

What our work helps with

The reports generated by AgriCloud technologies support project managers and business owners in making informed decisions aimed at cost optimization, profit growth, and business sustainability.

The industries we operate in







The industries we operate in